Valuing your assets has never been so simple, fast, and convenient.
Sell | Renew | Reinvest
The capital that entrepreneurs need to raise for new investments is often within the company itself. In fact, the strategic organization of companies with a few years can be based on the restructuring, remodeling and sale of assets as a way to obtain liquidity, reduce costs and make way for new investments.
Get Capital
We commit to value your assets in 30 days. Renew your equipment, fleets and reinvest capital into new assets.
Logistics Management
LEILOSOC Market Partners® provides its logistics centers for parking equipment for sale.
Sale of Isolated Goods
The "Divestment" service is mainly aimed at companies - however, if you want to sell isolated goods (equipment, a vehicle or even a property) we also have a solution.

We Assure

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Our mission is to maximize the profitability of our clients 'and partners' businesses by providing a wide range of professional services in the area of Corporate Finance, translating into measurable results that necessarily give them value.

Track Record

Each year LEILOSOC Market Partners® organizes over 500 live and online auctions.

In addition to these public transactions, we also have the direct purchases and sales.

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